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Test your Home Wi-Fi or LAN speed using a Docker image (iPerf3 speed test) on a Synology NAS

When you have slow internet speed, it can be a challenge getting remote work done, watching Netflix, or playing Call of Duty. The actual internet speed your computer has is a product of the slowest speed in the chain of connections from your provider, to your house, your modem (or whatever internet connection device you have), to your computer (or laptop/tablet/phone/etc).

Measuring Wi-Fi speeds in your house is important to determine if you have slow internet due to your own home setup.

Prioritization happens – no matter what you do

The top priority of any leader at any level should be to take care of their people and others around them. The remainder of the priorities that are invested in are some of the most important decisions leaders make.

Prioritization is key to success as a leader and a company. I’m going to bust some prioritization myths, get down to the roots of what prioritization is, why it is a critical aspect of strong leadership, and some methods of prioritization.