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Project warnings and feedback and and why they fail – and how to make it work – Part 1

f you asked a bunch of leaders at any level, if they would like to know when their teams first know when work efforts start to miss their targets – I expect all hands would be raised.

Similarly, if you asked any knowledge worker (at any level) if they would like more feedback from their boss, all hands would be raised.
From your perspective as a leader, you wonder why you don’t hear about problems until they are serious in nature. In a similar vein, strong professionals (at any level) wonder why they don’t get feedback until they have failed.

Prioritization happens – no matter what you do

The top priority of any leader at any level should be to take care of their people and others around them. The remainder of the priorities that are invested in are some of the most important decisions leaders make.

Prioritization is key to success as a leader and a company. I’m going to bust some prioritization myths, get down to the roots of what prioritization is, why it is a critical aspect of strong leadership, and some methods of prioritization.